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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  December 19, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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out. people need to know that these people are out there. >> they're running out of money. >> joy: good. >> the other time that the social media exploded because president obama came on instead of the football game to talk about this event, and people called him the "n" word all day. we know there are pockets of crazy people. >> joy: they are crazy, and i got to go. thank you all very much. you can see judy at kung pow kosher comedy on december december 22nd through the 25th. >> kosher >> joy: yes, thanks to all my guests tonight. >> cenk: welcome to the "young turks." i'm worked up today. i'm mad a big shock right? in my personal life, home a happy go lucky guy. politics makes me angry. >> president obama is about to screw you cutting social security by a gigantic amount.
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i'm going to show you and prove it to you. i know, i know, h he had to do it, oh, bad republicans. i know. we'll talk about that. then the n.r.a. he's shocked and saddened by what happened. is that right? congressman yarnis said this. >> every american family, i will not be silent any longer. >> well there's the congressman. we'll talk in a little bit. that what can we actually do about gun control? that is a real important topic. later in the program if it wasn't enough, i'm going to talk to you about how president obama is not a progressive. if you don't believe me, watch the show, see the evidence, and then we can argue about it, ok? but at least hear the evidence first. finally, an unbelievable story about richard engel who
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apparently got kidnapped in syria. >> they pretended to shoot several times. when you're blind foaled and they fire the gun up in the air it can be very traumatic experience. >> cenk: it's a crazy story. thank god he's all right. tell you all about it on tonight's show. it is go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> shame on the n.r.a. >> cenk: those are protestors in front of the n.r.a. headquarters, great to see protests there. they came out with a statement i'll share in a little bit. first i want to show you some of the families in the victims and the different shootings we've had recently. they spoke out today and it was great to hear from them. >> my son mat mcquinn was 27
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and he died in the aurora shooting. >> my son alex was killed in the aurora theater shooting, july 20, 2012. >> he was 24 years old my cousin was 26-year-old jonathan killed in the theater. >> our daughter jessica was killed in aurora on july 20 of this year. >> my father was professor of civil engineering at virginia tech and he was killed on april 16, 2007. >> my sister was a freshman at virginia tech. she followed me there. she was only 18 years old. >> cenk: listen to them. for the love of god, listen to them. these are the families devastated by these shootings. to the people who are opposed to them and make it their job to make sure there is never any fix to this. we leave that bunch to senator mitch mcconnell who did his best
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effort to avoid a question about gun control today. >> senator, is this a time for debate on gun control? >> it will be up to the majority leader. that's a subject he's likely to turn to next year, he indicated. at that time i think right now people are properly thinking about the catastrophe in connecticut last week and the majority leader will have an opportunity to derryl what matters will be scheduled. thank you. >> cenk: he doesn't want to answer that question. that's for the leaders of the republicans in the senate. let's not do anything about the victims, let's pretend that our see this goes out to them and we are taking this moment to mourn them. you are taking the moment to make sure you don't do a damn thing about it. governor of verge said something similar. >> can you imagine ever supporting a ban that limited the sale of assault rifles, limited the sale of clips to private citizens? >> i think we ought to look at a
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number of things in the wake of this. >> are you oh open to it? >> i don't think that's the first place that you look, chuck. first of all we don't have all the facts. one of the mistakes is when you're grieving and emotional is to make decisions that might not fit the problem. >> cenk: oh oh, no, no, no, like limiting gun control. i'm sorry. am i being emotional about it? how about talking about colorado or columbine. they never want to talk about it. these are the sick people who never want to fix this problem. the n.r.a. said they were shocked, saddened and heartbroken: >> that is an absolute and utter joke. every time they offer a solution it's more guns. did more guns work? since the assault weapons ban has been lifted in 2004, the number of mass shootings in the country has doubled. doubled approximater year. all right. well look, some senators going in the right direction like
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senator mark warner, manchen. how about the president? well jay carney says oh, look, look look, we're going to try to go for the assault weapons ban. do i believe him? i'm not quite sure. this is what he said in an editorial at the arizona store after the gifford shooting. the president said: >> well, you must be so proud. the brady group of course gave president obama an f., f., f., f. for extraordinary silence and passivity in gun control issues. there is one congressman who's sorry for the silence that has happened over the last many years, actually, congressman from kentucky. he had this emotional moment earlier. >> i promised my constituents, the families of the bereeved in
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connecticut, my own family and every american family... i will not be silent any longer. >> cenk: that is great to hear. congressman from kentucky joins us now. congressman, great to talk to you. >> hey cenk. >> cenk: hey there. first, let's talk about the silence in the years before. why do you think that happened, whether it's you or other politicians related to this democratic or republican? >> well, you know, first of all my voting record's been very consistent. i have an f. rating from the n.r.a. the only f. i've r. been proud of, i think maybe the only i've ever gotten. i'm proud of it. i think i fell into the trap that so many of us do in congress, that there's a tragedy, the news cycle ends, there doesn't seem to be anything happen, so we shut up. we say ok, nothing's going to ever happen.
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then i realized sitting around this weekend watching the agony of this nation, that the reason nothing happens is because we don't persist in our speaking out. i said that's not going to happen anymore. i'm going to keep talking. you know, cenk, i don't know if you say it, but a day or two before the shooting in newtown there was a news report, a video security camera in new york where a guy walks off the subway takes three steps turns around pulls a gun out shoots a guy in the stomach. i don't know whether he lived or died. it was over a sporting argument, and that wasn't even a one day story. it was one of the most at sounding things i'd ever seen, so it's not just the gut-wrenching tragedy that we saw at newtown. we have to keep speaking out. it's every time the insanity interrupts our lives and ends lives, and so i'm going to keep
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talking. i'm -- the people in kentucky, again, every other member of the delegation in kentucky, you mentioned senator mcconnell. every other member of the federal delegation has an a rating from the n.r.a. it's very rare they hear anything different than that. it's incumbent on me as the only person who favors gun regulation in the state of kentucky to speak out to others here the other side of the story and i'm going to keep doing that. >> cenk: so that would appear to be somewhat of a politically courageous move in kentucky. you're in a more progressive district, but it is kentucky. we hear from politicians so opposite who has the exact same rating. he has an f. from gun control advocates that there's nothing we can do, because the political reality says that republicans won't go along, et cetera. do you disagree with that. do you think there is something you can do if you try. >> that's the trap i fell into and i think many of my
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colleagues have fallen into, nothing have happens so you might as well just be quiet. i think again i think this time is different. i think the agony of this nation is universal. we're going through something that we've never gone through before. teachers speaking out parents are speaking out and i don't think the drum beat's going to diminish at all, and now we have a president we're all going to -- those of us who are on his side in this effort are going to take him for his word, hold him to the fire. if he provides the kind of leadership that he indicates that he will, then this can be a very very different situation and i look forward to that, because this country for far too long has acquiesced to the idea that unless we can solve the problem totally that we shouldn't do anything, and meanwhile, more and more people die, more and more people go to bed frightened every day. more and more people go to school frightened every day and
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i understand people have a right to defend themselves, but i have a right not to be afraid of guns unless i'm carrying one. that doesn't make sense in this country. >> cenk: so congressman let's talk about how do we actually get it done, right? in the house of course there are more republicans, they are most likely to vote against gun regulation. how can the penalty help push it over the edge so we can actually get legislation passed? >> i think what we need to do, there's several things. one is i think we need to have it and challenge the n.r.a. and other gun advocates into the tent to talk about how we can work together to reduce violence. you know, it's kind of interesting. the n.r.a., one of the n.r.a. arguments has been we have enough laws on the books, we need to enforce them. the republicans have been in charge of the house for two years. there hasn't been the first
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oversight hearing in the judiciary committee about gun laws. we you got to challenge them. if you think that's the problem we already have enough laws, not enforcement, let's talk about the enforcement. we need to immediately introduce legislation to expand background checks because 74% of the n.r.a. members support expanded background checks. they want responsible people owning guns. they want to make sure that they're not people who are essentially undermining their ability to own guns because they're in the wrong hands. so there are lots of things we can do legislatively. there's lots of leadership we can provide in just talking about the things that in society, that enhance the opportunities for and potential for gun violence. that's why i think things like the assault weapon ban yeah, it's not going to stop every massacre. it's not going to stop every horrible situation but it makes a statement.
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it makes a statement that assault weapons are not appropriate in american society. that's an important thing to do. >> cenk: one last quick question for you. isn't the turning point will we actually be able to pass the assault weapons ban? what do you think, yes or no. >> yeah, i think if we move on it quickly i think we can do it. i think right now if there were a bill on the floor of the house today, i will guarantee you it would pass. >> wow let's get it there. >> the republicans would not have had the courage to vote against it. >> you should introduce it tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. >> cenk: there you go. all right congressman, thank you for joining us on the "young turks," appreciate it. >> when we come back, we'll talk about the social security cuts that democrats have proposed, yes, departments have proposed. let me show you a guy who was more liberal than president obama on this issue. >> social security, let's lay it
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to rest once and for all. i told you never would i do such a thing. >> cenk: well, president obama's about to. my rage on that when we return. there are riots in let's rock and roll. there is so much going on that every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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>> social security has nothing to do with the deficit. social security is totally funded by the payroll tax levied on employer and employee. >> i wish president obama would listen to that guy. they're including it in deficit reduction talks anyway, and now we've got word that they might be cutting social security. stay with me. of course! but at the same time, remember all those promises, here's joe biden. he said: >> wrong again bob. then of course, there was harry reid, the leader of the democrats in the senate who said this: >> i'm going to do everything within my legislative powers to prevent privatizing or limiting social security. i simply say it's off the table. >> wrong again bob. apparently it's still on the table. associated press among others reporting that in fact the democratic led by president obama have offered significant
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social security cuts. how much are they? well it would cost $112 billion to do the cuts proposed. how much is that going to cost you? after 12 years what it will amount to is $1,272 less per year picked out of your pocket. what are they returning it for? they want smaller tax increases out of the rich. it's taken out of your pocket and put into the pocket of the rich. this is grotesque. how much does it cost you if you're on social security for 30 years? $28,000! this is not a grand bargain. it's a grand larceny. they are coming to rob you. yes, president obama is definitely part of that. in case you are cop fused by all the technical shenanigans they throw it, don't worry about it. the washington post explained.
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>> did you get that drastic slashing of social security benefits across the board tax increases that hit low earners the most. >> all right, michael shure is here. he's going to try to talk me off the ledge. >> when did you come up with your grand bargain grand larceny? brilliant. >> thank you. about a year ago when i realized what was happening. >> we have to be honest with one another. right now this is an a.p. report about somebody close to the negotiations who is reporting that this might be on the table. >> you believe it. don't pretend you don't believe it. >> cenk, this is what's being reported by a.p. secondhand. there is nothing in front of the congress or harry reid. >> cenk: get beyond that argument, because it's nonsense.
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>> it's not nonsense. >> they put it out to the a.p. >> they may put it out to rally the democrats against what the republicans are doing. [ laughter ] >> you can laugh, you can do your fake, false laugh at me right there if you want. the point is there is a tactic. the white house can leak something so as to get the people in congress all of whom tailed are saying absolutely not to go into social security. richard durbin is. yes, they are. >> cenk: your theory is the obama administration or dems leaked this saying hey we're going to cut social security so that they rally's the democratic base saying i hate you guys, don't cut social security. >> i'm infant as i land like you right now. none of this is fact right now. if they're going after social security and that is part of this conversation, then i am with you 100%. >> cenk: really?
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>> yes 100%. >> cenk: that's good to hear. nancy pelosi today saying i will rally the troops behind the president. >> about the fiscal cliff. if social security is involved, that might be a different conversation. nancy pelosi is not hearing hearsay out of the a.p. story. she says we are with the president. if social security is involved, it won't be, everything that she has been led to believe so far does not cape social security. >> cenk: you think the democrats are going to tell president obama no, we're not going to cut social security. >> democrats in the house are not going to matter. >> democrats overall. >> cenk: democrats will be to the president bow their head say yes yes you're such a great president we love you. let's cut it from the poor and middle class and give it to the rich. >> safe the poor and middle class. if you're going with thatory the a.p. ran, they said there are
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exemptions for the poor and some for the middle class. they are saying these cost of living exemptions which will not go up exempt the poor and middle class. >> cenk: it might exempt some of the poor. in fact, the chained c.p.i. is the most regressive way of cutting social security. it hits the poor and middle class worse than any other way. >> every entitlement you cut hits the poor and middle class worse. that's implicit. taxes is one of the places we thought he would concede. he ran on the $250,000. jay carney today talking about where he was going and the the possibilities. here's jay carney, the press secretary. >> based on the notion that these rates have to go up, because that's good in and of itself. it's based on the necessity of having enough revenue as part of
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this balanced package. >> yeah. all right so, we ran election on we're going to raise taxes on people pe pikging or $0,000, in tmin back tok the clinton era which was enormously successful. now president obama is saying no, just kidding we're going to $400,000. >> when you are the president and there is a republican congress who was also elected there's going to have to be compromise. the president is not going to get iron fist. first, he doesn't rule with one second he's not going to what he wants out of this congress entirely. plan b. that the republicans have before them already includes $1 million. >> we just had an election about it. this is what obama does, negotiates against himself. i would have said election settled it for sure. above $250,000, those taxes are going up, every single cent is going up. what's the next question.
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the next question is what are the other taxes going up. but of course he negotiation to the republicans, because he is a republican. he is a republican. >> the republicans are across the table from him saying they reelected this republican house. you're dealing with that. i'm not defending you. >> cenk: i would slaughter them. i would say i just kicked your ass in 2012, and i will beat you with a stick in 2014. you know what the approval or disapproval of the republicans is in this negotiations? 69% disapproval. you want to mess with me? i would kill them politically. of course obama doesn't want to do that. he's a republican. he agrees with them. i'm going to show it to you. i'm not done with obama yet. i'm going to show you six or seven things the president by his own admission in some of the cases is a republican now. you'll see it and then you can decide whether you agree or disagree. when we come back, the trayvon martin of l.a., that's what
1:25 am
their calling kendrick mcveigh. >> we don't know what he could have been, but we know he was special. >> cenk: that's a heart wrenching story. the cops let him bleed to death. we'll have that discussion when we come back. insta gram are apparently going to sell your photos
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>> all right, now we're going to talk to you about kendrick mcdade the trayvon martin of los angeles. abc had a report about his funeral volunteer family and friends gathered to celebrate his life. mourners filled purple ribbons and pictures to honor the young man. loved ones wrote goodbyes next to cigarettes we don't know what he would have been, but he was special. the way he lost his life was tragic uncalled for. >> that was back in april when he was shot and killed by police officers. we now find out they will not be charged. the d.a.'s office said: >> cenk: now the guy who called
1:29 am
in said there was a robbery happening. turns out that he mentioned eight different times during the call that there was a gun. in fact, let's take a look here: >> cenk: he's saying over and over he's got a gun. turns out he was lying. >> he made up the part about the guns to get a faster police response. >> when you're afraid for your life and you need help you make a phone call. >> cenk: to be fair to the police, they didn't know he was lying, obviously and they thought hey the guy might be articled, so the d.a.'s office said: >> cenk: all right that sounds
1:30 am
interesting. but mcdade's final moments are in dispute: >> cenk: now, of course, if that's true, that is a horrible story. well the family attorney joins us now on the set. we appreciate it. welcome. >> thank you. i'm glad to be here. >> all right. now, talk to me about the handcuffs first. we just mentioned that. what evidence do you have that they might have handcuffed him and let him bleed to death there? >> well, we don't have all the information now but it's very common in these types of cases. i specialize in these types are cases that they let people that are shot actually die. oftentimes they call paramedics soon but hold them off telling them it may not be safe to go
1:31 am
in. the thought is that if someone dies, they won't be around to tell what really happens. >> cenk: dead men don't talk. >> right. >> cenk: do you have evidence in this case that that's what happened. >> we have evidence that there was a delay in getting him to the hospital and the paramedics getting there. one of the allegation in the complaint is they did not get him timely medical attention. >> cenk: when you see that a guy who called it in said gun eight different tiles, you can understand why the officers thought there was a gun right? >> yes but also officers are trained that 90% have gun calls there aren't guns involved. they all also are trained that oftentimes people say there's a gun just to get the officers there quicker, and so that is not enough to justify the shooting and killing of someone because they didn't have many specifics as to what the person looked like, so just starting to shoot the first person they see or first person that starts walking or running away from them we believe is totally unjustified. >> cenk: one interesting partly
1:32 am
of this, apparently they did not go through the procedure they would go through if they thought there was a gun. something about level three. tell me about that. >> well, you would expect a code three response, which means they have their lights and sirens on. also in most vehicles, their camcorder or video equipment that would video an event would be on with the lights and sirens. it appears in this case that they did not respond code three which i would expect and unfortunately for my clients the shooting was not captured on video. >> now but that's the thing though. when you look at it, you say well ok, then perhaps it wasn't a code three and they were not as concerned as they say in hindsight. i get that argument. right? did they go to the shooting and not turn on the camera because they thought they were going to shoot the kid? they didn't know the situation yet. >> i think what's more important is the officers concede they never saw a gun. they never saw anything in his hand that looked like a gun.
1:33 am
both officers claimed they were shooting in part because they heard shots and thought maybe he was shooting, so this is a classic case of contagious fire, of officers overreacting and shooting someone without justification, and then trying to come up with an explanation. in almost all these cases when unarmed people are shot, the explanation is gee he looked like he was reaching in his waist band and gee, i was really afraid. >> how about korea the guy who called in. is he charged at all? if it was a false -- are they supposed to charge him if he makes a false call like that? >> the d.a. says office was considering charging him with a crime. they ultimately decided not to. i think it could be suggested that giving false information of that nature to 911 should potentially be a crime but the d.a.'s office decided not to prosecute. >> do you think the d.a.'s office does not prosecute if there is not political pressure, like the default is we're going
1:34 am
to protect our own? >> we have a new d.a. now in place, but i handle cases throughout the state and i can tell you that almost without exception, police officers are not prosecuted for shooting people. in fact, in los angeles county in the last 40 years i cannot think of one police officer ever who was prosecuted for shooting someone and there's literally hundreds of shootings a year, and a great many of them are unarmed people shot in the back. one has to wonder why these officers are never prosecuted. i think in part, it plays a part in why we continue to see these shootings happening every day every other day every week, because there are no negative ramifications for the officers. they're never prosecuted. they get attorneys immediately. a dime doesn't come out of their pocket. they're not disciplined they're not terminated, oftentimes, they're promoted. it sends the wrong message that to other officers. that's why we have so many shootings. >> they turn to the attorneys
1:35 am
right away. the rest is an open question. what do you want to happen here? >> we have a federal civil rights case in federal court. we expect to go to trial in about a year. we think we'll prevail get justice for the family. i'm hoping that the federal authorities who have separate jurisdiction to prosecute criminally will look at this case again when all the information and facts come out and maybe reconsider whether there should be a federal prosecution. >> cenk: all right, attorney for the family, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> cenk: when we come back, the evidence that i present on president obama, is he a progressive, moderate or even a republican? we'll show you the evidence when we come back. >> if i set the same policies that i had back in the 1980's, i'd be consisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisi
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>> today we've got news on the grand bargain negotiations. president obama has offered up to cut social security, a deeply unprogressive thing to do and also not to increase taxes on the rich to the degree that he promised during the election. we had a whole election aboutut that and once again he has "compromised" with the republicans. people make excuses what can he do those mean republicans. >> if there is one thing president obama is thought it's this a progressive progressive. if there's one thing he is, it's a blue dog. he said he was to rob woodward. during the election. he was on univision and went further. he said this: >> if i'd set the same policies that i had back in the 1980's, i'd be considered a moderate republican. >> cenk: you know, i'm not even sure about the moderate part.
1:40 am
there he is saying i'd be a moderate republican. i'm sure you would. all right, now let me layout the case to you guys why i say that. not just president obama's words. if you don't believe him let's look at the actions. first of all during social security talks during the grand bargain, they said let's do a chained c.p.i., maybe that will trick people. it takes at least $112 billion out of the program. if you're a social security for 30 years it takes $28,000 out of your pocket. now, it's not like he didn't warn you. president obama said during one of the debates he agrees with the republicans on this. watch. >> i suspect that on social security, we've little a somewhat similar position. social security is structurally sound. it's going to have to be tweaked
1:41 am
the way it was by ronald reagan and democratic speaker tip o'neill. >> tweaked meant cut. i told you it meant cut but a lot of liberals didn't believe it. he won't do that, he's a dealt he's a progressive. he won't cut social security. of course he will. he told you he was going to cut it. he offered it last time, he's offering it this time. he can't wait to cut social security. why? because then he gets a big pat from the washington media you did something to center right even though elected to be center left. congratulations for violating the trust of the voters. terrific job. he can't wait for that pat on the back. how about gun control? there he's got to be a progressive after all these shootings on his watch now newtown, connecticut. here's his grade on gun control. f. another issue he's deeply conservative. how about drugs?
1:42 am
who's michelle leonhart? >> she recognize the head of the dea. who was she before that? she was appointed to be deputy administrator of the dea by george w. bush. she has broken records on drug dispensary raids. president obama said he would not do those. there were better priorities. instead, even though he didn't have to at all at all he put her in charge. why? is this going to get you votes? are people against drug legalization going to vote for president obama because of this obscure lady? no he did this even though it had no political benefit for him because in his bones he loves to do the pro establishment right wing thing. after drugs, we have deportation. well, rest comfortably. look, under president bush, we had 2 million deportations. under president obama only 1.4 million. oh right that was in eight
1:43 am
years, this was only four years. broke the record on number of deportations. under clinton, we had about 9,000 on average. ok? under bush, it went up to over 20,000. under obama, 32,000 throughout the administration on average. that is an unbelievable number. why did you break that record? getting latino votes help us politically. he hurts himself politically to do the right wing thing. in his bones he's right wing and pro establishment. nobody pace attention michael taylor he's senior advisor. he used to be the chief lobbyist for monsanto, the guys who genetically modify food. how does this help you politically? it doesn't. whenever given an opportunity he's right wing in his bones. when you're not looking oh oh, the chief lobbyist, i'm making
1:44 am
my food safety czar. the guy loves the establishment. i tell you this stuff. it's true. not because i didn't like obama. i argued for obama in 2008, feverishly. i want him to win in thought he was more progressive than hillary clinton. he did this over and over again because he's right wing in his bones. how about the case of the journal i have the in yemen. he happened to find out that we did tomahawk cruise missile strike that killed women and children. they locked him up for that. the former president of yemen was going to let him go. he served years in prison, unjustly. president obama called and said no, i want you to keep calling that guy a terrorist, and keep him in jail, and today this journalist in yemen is still in prison, because president obama made that call. now which progressive would do
1:45 am
that? he's not a progressive. when you're not looking at every opportunity he has he goes right he goes right he goes right and then he says it to you. he says i would be a moderate republican. i am a blue dog, i am a conservative democratic. the minute he has a chance to do the grand bargain he helps the republicans in a grand larceny. that's what he does. i tell you this stuff because you got to know. open your eyes. that's the reality of president you know who's coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys who do like verse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> cenk: we're back. we've got the whole gang here. one of our legendary producers host of the legendary jimmy dorer show. >> i wanted to start off with instagram. the photo sharing site is in a little hot water. they decided, you know, maybe we can sell these photos, since they're party advertisers and we'll do so without the user's consent, and without any compensation for the person who took the photo and uploaded it on to our website. >> cenk: aren't we used to this? like we know if we put anything up that some company is going to snatch it and put it on porn or something? >> i think so. i think they just keep moving the line of what's acceptable and we fall for it. we go for it most of the time.
1:50 am
in the case of instagram, i didn't know that there was a website that your pictures instantly went to. i thought it was an application that you took pictures and changed them up and it stayed on your phone until somebody liked a picture i had put up. i thought wait a minute, how did they get this picture. they are unclear about where this is going and not going. >> >> cenk: it's a short term strategy. these guys, we've got to make money, let's sell the information, let's sell the pictures. a lot of people canceled their instagram today. luckily, i only took one picture and couldn't figure out the rest. now they own the picture of my french toast. >> i liked it. i licked it. [ laughter ] >> now after snoozing speaking of uncomfortable. >> after all the back lash, instagram later said we're not going to do that. we might just track who you like
1:51 am
and what you're following. they're trying to find ways to profit off their website. users get the service for free, just like facebook and twitter and there are consequences for that. the consequences are your privacy gets violated. >> i have a quick suggestion. show ads. twitter shows ads. in the middle of your pictures put up a picture of a juicy quarter pounder with cheese. problem solved. >> we've got international news on the show today. in sweden, a group of women basically lashed out against an anonymous instagram user. now, this guy basically posted anonymously on instagram saying he was looking for advice on "sluts." here was the reaction by the swedish girls.
1:52 am
>> cenk: what are they doing? >> what are the chances we have that guy here in the studio. >> i was just goofing. i don't understand. they used to have this when i was in college called the sorority registers. >> a bunch of people posted pictures of 13 and 14-year-olds and basically lifted some of the sexual acts that they allegedly did. the reason why the girls were rioting is because they went to the high school where they thought the anonymous user might have been a student. >> cenk: they were coming like i can't believe you did this. >> right. the fact that they're 13 or 14 years old that's the problem i have with social media. it reminds me of the hunter moore site, it's like revenge
1:53 am
porn. once it's out there, they can take it down, but the damage is done. these girls are scarred i'm sure, from this. >> i haven't seen that many girls lined up for something since they had the last playboy audition on campus. >> cenk: in this case, we've got a bunch of issues. besides all the obvious ones, my thing is the guys who call girls sluts are usually the ones who don't get laid. >> really? really? when's the last time you slept with any of them? it's so counter productive, so stupid. the 13 or 14-year-olds, i'm glad they were mad. it's good to see swedish people actually angry for a change. >> i'm glad they were mad, as well, but at the same time there was some damage to property. like that kind of vandalism doesn't make any sense the misdirected anger. >> marching for morality just doesn't sound right. >> i'm all for it.
1:54 am
beat down buses. this was really despicable. >> cenk: eliot's next. >> i'm learning more about the swedish psychology than i ever would have expected. this is impressive. >> cenk: we deliver on many fronts. >> you do. we're going back to the crisis in connecticut. joining us, robert rice will talk about the fiscal cliff and the president is caving. we'll talk about the n.r.a., why and how it became such a crazed fringe organization. >> cenk: those are great guests. thank you eliot. we're looking forward to it. >> thanks. >> cenk: when we come back, we'll talk about richard
1:55 am
1:56 am
1:57 am
>> cenk: you know, i often go
1:58 am
after the establishment media and call them out when they are not doing the right things. there are great reporters too we give credit to them. on television, richard engel o of nbc news is one of the stellar reporters, risking his life to cover stories abroad. he's done a wonderful job. i worked with him at msnbc. he really cares about the news and does a great job delivering it. he got captured in syria. he's now finally been released and has part of that story to tell. >> we were with some of the rebels and as we were moving down the road, a group of gunmen jumped out of the trees and bushes. there were probably 15 gunmen wearing ski masks heavily armed. they dragged us out of the car. >> cenk: imagine how scary that is. >> they kept us blindfolded bound, we weren't physically
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